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Salvador, the former capital of Brazil, and the center of the slave trade, no doubt one of the most interesting cities in Brazil. The city is bubbling with vitality and is now the cultural center of the country! At the bottom of the port city is the famous Mercado Modelo, a market with a huge selection of crafts and authentic souvenirs. The Lacerda Elevator and countless churches (there are 323!) Decorate the urban landscape. Pelourinho (historic center) was named the site of UNESCO World Heritage. The baroque old town and its colorful houses. Hundreds of buildings have been faithfully restored in recent years. The Pelourinho is now undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Baroque quarters of the world and is one of downtown’s most popular nightlife districts. But Salvador Salvador would not be without music and dance! It is in the temperament of the inhabitants to move to the rhythms and dance. Specifically, the Salvador Carnival is a spectacle and is considered by Brazilians as one of the best in the country.

Day 1: Transfer Airport SSA - Hotel. Time to relax

Day 2: Historical City Tour (4 hours)

Morning or afternoon visit to the historic city through Salvador. During this visit, we experience intriguing historical Salvador with the fascinating old town in the district of Pelourinho. From the hotel, we drive to the Barra Lighthouse and perform a short walk around the tower. Then we move to Salvador Upper Town. During the trip, you can see the famous “2 de Julho”, Campo Grande, and the Castro Alves Theatre. From the top, we enjoy a fascinating view of the slums and the sea. We walk through the old streets, colonial-style, visit the cathedral, St. Francis Church (Golden Church) and of course the old city ​​around the Pelourinho. Its magnificent buildings were created in the 17th and 18th centuries and were declared in 1985 a World Heritage Site by UNESCO

Elevador Lacerda
Leuchtturm von Barra

Day 3: Transfer Hotel - Airport SSA

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3.1.2023 – 30.4.2024

3.1.2023 – 30.4.2024

3.1.2023 – 30.4.2024

3.1.2023 – 30.4.2024

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Hotel Sol Victoria Marina ***



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Hotel Deville Prime ****

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1.1. – 24.12.2023

Hotel Wish Bahia ****








30.6. – 1.8.2023

Hotel Mercure Rio Vermelho ****




1.1.2023 – 31.3.2024

Boutique Hotel Villa Bahia ****

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Boutique Hotel Villa Bahia ****

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De luxe







Hotel Fera Palace ****




3.1. – 28.12.2023

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Informations: Salvador – Praia do Forte – Morro de São Paulo

Salvador da Bahia, the former capital of Brazil and the center of slavery, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil. The city is full of life and remains the cultural center of the country! In the lower part of the port is the famous Mercado Modelo, a market with a lot of art and memories. The Lacerda lift as well as the countless churches adorn the cityscape. The Pelourinho (old town) has been declared a world cultural monument by UNESCO. The old town is characterized by baroque and colorful houses. Hundreds of buildings have been faithfully renovated in recent years and have been preserved. Today it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful baroque districts in the world and today it is one of the most popular nightlife areas in the city center. But Salvador would not be Salvador without music and dancing! It is in the nature of the inhabitants to dance on the rhythms and to move.

Panoramic tower and historical center (Pelourinho principal) and Mercado Modelo

(8 hours with or without lunch or two days of 4 hours each).
Walk from the hotel on foot in the old colonial-style streets. You will visit the Cathedral, the Church of St. Francis and of course the famous Pelourinho, recognized and protected by UNESCO as the most important colonial complex of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. We also show you Salvador on the side of the panorama. From the upper part of the city, you have a magnificent view of the lower parts of the city and the sea! With the elevator, it goes in the suburbs to Mercado Modelo. This market is definitely worth seeing, and there is probably nothing that can not be bought. It is also very good to haggle with traders, yes, it is even paramount. From there, head to the Barra Lighthouse, where you will stop for a short walk around the lighthouse. During the trip, you will see the famous 2 de Julho street, the Campo Grande square and the Castro Alves theater

Visit the historical city of Bahia

In the morning visit the historical city of Salvador (3 hours). During this city tour, we will spend a half-day exploring the historic Salvador, with an emphasis on Pelourinho (old town) and the Mercado Modelo. From the hotel, we first go to the Barra lighthouse and take a short walk around the tower. Then we continue to the upper town of Salvador. On the way, you will see the famous street “2 de Julho”, the square Campo Grande, as well as the Castro-Alves theater. From the upper part, we enjoy a superb view of the lower parts of the city and the sea! We cross the old colonial-style streets, visit the cathedral, the church of St. Francis, and of course the old town around the Pelourinho. These magnificent buildings were created in the 17th and 18th centuries and were declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1985. 09:00 – 12:00 no meals. The afternoon is free

Panoramic tour of the beach

In this tour, we will show you Salvador from the panorama. Head to the suburbs, along with the Fonte Nova football stadium, the Americo Simas tunnel to the Monte Serrat fortress and the Itapagipe Peninsula. At Bonfim Church you have the opportunity to see the baroque style, the special character inside the church and the side wings with the many votive offerings. Follow the suburbs to Mercado Modelo. This market is definitely worth seeing, and there is probably nothing that can not be bought. It is also very good to haggle with traders, yes, it is even paramount. Duration: 9am to noon or 2pm to 5pm

Evening in the old town (Pelourinho) with nightlife and folklore show

Spend a nice evening in Salvador with typical desserts and a great show including dance and music shows! Dinner offers a wide selection of delicious Bahian and Brazilian specialties. Subsequently, dancers and musicians show authentic folklore and Afro-Brazilian cultural shows (Orixás, Xangó and Maculele). Of course, the Samba de Roda and a Capoeira show are not lacking either. Do not miss this spectacular event and have a good evening in Salvador!

Guided tour of the islands

Spend a good day on an excellent boat trip around Salvador! From your hotel, you go to the port. There, you will board a saffron, a boat typical of the region. The sea trip follows the coast of Salvador and you will see the famous Lacerda lift, the Mercado Modelo and the fortress of São Marcelo. In Ilha dos Frades, you have the opportunity to bathe or sunbathe on the tropical beach. Later you will be transferred to the peninsula of Itaparica, where a typical lunch and a demonstration of Capoeira will await you from 08:30 to 18:00

City tour by jeep

From the hotel, we leave by jeep to the main central station of the unique Salvador train through the suburbs of densely inhabited areas, the most refined up to the beach of São Tomé de Paripe. There, we visit one of the oldest churches in Brazil and enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Bay of Saints. On the way back, we stop at the “São Joaquim” market. A typical and colorful market, where locals buy their fresh vegetables, meat and fruit. We will see not only that but also baskets, clay pots, small gift items, leather goods, medicinal plants, spices and many items for the ceremony Candomblé (all – of course – of super low prices) period from 08:30 – 12:30


Located just 110 km from Salvador, you will find the city of Cachoeira, which is one of the most famous architectural complex of colonial architecture in Latin America by the river Paraguaçu. Art, folklore and gastronomy are the assets of this unique city. On the way, we stop in the historic town of Santo Amaro to visit the cathedral and the big market. Continue to Cachoeira. Once there, visit the famous Dannemann cigar factory. Then continue to Fazenda St. Cruz where you can have lunch with a beautiful view of Cachoeira. After the meal, walk around the city before returning to Salvador. Duration from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Jeep Day Tour

From Central Station, we go to the suburbs of Salvador with the only train that stops in Salvador. Then take the jeep through the streets of the most densely populated area of the city to the beach of São Tomé de Paripe. There, we visit one of the oldest churches in Brazil and enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the Bay of Saints.
On the beach of São Tomé we take one of the small transfer boats and drive to the paradise island “Ilha de Maré”. There we refresh ourselves in the sea, then in the small island village to walk. What can we admire? One of the oldest traditions in northeastern Brazil, the bobble. Then an authentic Bahianese lunch is served, consisting mainly of seafood. After a little rest, we return to Salvador.
Duration from 08:30 to 18:00

Flora and fauna

First, we will head to the lagoon of Abaeté to admire the magnificent view of the white sand dunes. Our next destination is the “Planeta Zoo”, 10300m2 of plants, tropical birds and various mammals such as endangered golden monkeys. Many animals are free and can be observed and fed at leisure. Then we continue to Rancho Feliz. The hungry can fish and bring the fish to the cook for lunch. If you do not want to fish, you can enjoy the swimming pool or discover nature on a walk. Return to Salvador is late afternoon. Duration from 09:00 to 17:00

Island of Itaparica and Recôncavo

Early in the morning, take the fast boat from Salvador to the island of Itaparica. There, we cross the island to the bridge “Ponte de Funil” which connects them to the hinterland to join Jaguaripe. There is famous slavery and a 17th-century church to visit. After a short drive through the hinterland, we reach Maragojipinho. Here we see how the inhabitants transform the clay into magnificent pots, vases, etc. Then we visit the Nazaré Farinhas, a factory that produces soap and edible palm oil. Then we return to the island of Itaparica to enjoy the local cuisine and a refreshing dip in the sea. On the way to the boat to Salvador is the visit of the ruin of a church of the XVI century. If you are lucky, you can enjoy a beautiful sunset on your way to Salvador.
Duration from 8 am to 6 pm

Bahia Mystic

Who would not want to know more about the religion brought by the slaves in Salvador? First, we will pass the Dict of Tororo, where the guide will explain the figures of the gods. Then visit the Terreiro Ilê Opo Afonja, one of the oldest worship centers in Salvador. It is a large garden where the houses of different gods (you can only see them from outside), a small museum and a school. The tour guide will guide you through Afro-Brazilian culture. Duration: 9 am to 1 pm or 2 pm to 6 pm

The people of Salvador

There is no better way to meet people than to go where it does its daily business. In the big market of São Joaquim, you will find everything, vegetables, fruits, ceramics, braided cows, and quarries for the Candomblé ceremonies. We continue through the Liberdade, a very typical neighborhood with many shops and stalls. Finally, we visit the nursery, Beu Machado. A fascinating social project in which 250 children aged between 01 and 07 go to school every day, eat and play. Duration from 09:00 to 13:00

Tradition and modern art

On this tour, you will get the program together. Would you like to visit a museum? Then choose between the Museum of Modern Art, the Carlos Costa Pinto Museum, the Afro-Brazilian Museum, or the Museo de Arte Sagrado. However, you also have the opportunity to visit a local artist who works with wood, paintings and brushes, pet bottles, or copper printing in his studios. Duration: 9 am to 1 pm or 2 pm to 6 pm

Pelourinho quite different

Today, we present a slightly different Pelourinho. We first visit the old medical university, lovingly renovated by young people from poor families. There, the 100 students are trained as plasterers, painters, carpenters and restorers for two years. Our next objective is Roberto Barr’s workshop with his colorful cardboard sculptures. After half an hour’s walk in the old town, we arrive at the Ordem of Carmo with the famous statue of Christ and its innumerable patches of ruby blood. After this visit, we will serve you in a typical bar a caipirinha with a magnificent view on the bay of All Saints. Duration: 9 am to 1 pm or 2 pm to 6 pm

Ilha de Maré

After about three hours by boat, you will arrive at Ilha de Maré, a small island inhabited by fishermen and their families. Families live in simple houses and live by fishing and crafts. You have enough time to get to know the beaches and simple but good food. In the early afternoon, you return to Salvador and with a bit of luck, you can see a beautiful sunset. Duration 8 hours

Cross the Bay of All Saints

There is something more relaxing than slipping through the water in a sailboat and enjoying the magnificent view over the “horizon” of Salvador. First, you will follow the Itapagipana peninsula, the city, the port, the Elevador Lacerda, and the Barra lighthouse. Our journey ends at Terminal Maritimo, which is only a few steps from the Mercado Modelo. Duration 8 hours


Do you want to learn more about Afro-Brazilian culture? We offer classes in dance, drums, and capoeira. The courses take place in small groups of 4-5 local and foreign students.

Cooking lessons

What is a Moqueca? This is what you will learn from our cooking class. First, go to the market with our local cooker to buy the ingredients. Then go home to cook. With her hands and feet (she only speaks Portuguese) you get to know the Bahian cuisine. After you finish your work, you will have lunch with the family. Duration 6 hours

Praia do Forte with lunch (full day)

From the hotel, we drive 90 km along the coast towards the “Linha Verde”. After about one hour we arrive in Praia do Forte, once a small fishing village, with a magnificent view, bordered by coconut trees, sandy beaches. Praia do Forte has become a popular tourist destination in recent years thanks to many small hostels, comfortable restaurants, bars and small shops. We first visit the Sea Turtle Shelter (TAMAR), then we have enough free time to walk and shop. After a typical Brazilian breakfast, we go to Guarajuba to enjoy life on the beach. In the afternoon, we return to the hotel.

Morro de São Paulo

The paradise of Morro Island of São Paulo is located in the state of Bahia on the island of Tinharé. It is easily accessible from Salvador or Valenca. Even when driving “Morro” offers the view of a fascinating postcard: The ruins of the ancient fortress, the Mother of God, the church and the lighthouse are framed by the forest and the deep blue sky and Morro have fantastic, long white sandy beaches and good tourist infrastructure. Here you can dive, swim, in the pools with salt water or fresh water springs. From this point of view, one has the best view of the beautiful natural landscape of Morro: a series of bays, natural pools with crystalline waters where one observes colorful colorful corals. The beaches of Morro have no real names but are simply numbered: The first beach (Primeira Praia) offers a range of service areas and apartments, and is well suited for surfing. The second beach (Segunda Praia) runs at low tide in a natural “aquarium” where you can admire the rich marine life even without snorkeling. Many beaches are surrounded by coconut trees and are therefore particularly charming. The third beach (Terceira Praia) is the island of Saudade. It looks like a tropical garden that sits in the middle of the sea. From the third beach, you can also see the island of Caitá, which is just a single coconut tree – a popular photo-topic! On this beach, there are a number of natural pools, where beautiful corals thrive. The rest of the coast is called the fourth beach (Quarta Praia). It extends over more than 20 kilometers of pure nature and reaches the island of Boipeba.