Brazil Insider

North East Adventure
From Fortaleza to Natal

6 days/5 nights

A varied journey, guided by a tour guide with a 4×4 off-road vehicle along the beaches and across the hinterland of Natal / Ponta Negra. The impressions of this trip will remain unforgettable: a wonderful panorama of infinite and fantastic beaches, exciting river crossings with small ferries. A good mix of quiet moments, relaxation, adventurous elements, unspoiled nature – and to compensate for the nightlife and shopping at Canoa Quebrada and Natal. This tour is perfect for those who like to travel uncomplicated with little comfort, looking for an unforgettable experience away from the major tourist centers.

Day 1: Fortaleza – Canoa Quebrada

From Fortaleza or Pecém to Ἁguas Belas, crossing the river by ferry, then along the beach via Morro Branco (magnificent colorful rock formations) to Parajuru. Continue on the road to Aracati and the hippie village of Canoa Quebrada. Excursion of a day: 170 km, of which about 45 km on the edge of the beach

Day 2: Canoa Quebrada

Today is a day of rest. Enjoy the sun, beach, pubs and nightlife!

3rd day: Canoa Quebrada – Galinhos

Along the beach in Tibau, Grossos. Crossing the river by ferry, then via Mossoró, Assu to the Galinhos peninsula. The beach can only be reached by ferry. The distance of the day: 290 km, of which approximately 95 km on the beach.

Day 4: Galinhos – São Miguel do Gostoso

Cross beautiful beaches in São Miguel do Gostoso. Our secret advice: local fishermen directly at the beach, crayfish delicious or fresh fish! Distance of the day: 90 km, of which about 80 km along the beach

Day 5: São Miguel do Gostoso – Maracajaú

Along the beautiful beaches and partly by bypasses parallel to the beach, we arrive at our daily destination. The main attraction here is the beautiful coral reefs that invite you to go diving or snorkeling. Day trip: 61 km, of which about 50 km By the beach

Day 6: Maracajaú – Genipabu – Natal / Ponta Negra

First, we continue on beautiful beaches to the Cabo de São Roque lighthouse, where Brazil is the closest to Africa. On Maxaranguape and Genipabu, we arrive at Natal / Ponta Negra, the ultimate destination of our fantastic journey. Here you can relax on the beach, go shopping and enjoy the nightlife. Distance from the day: 148 km, of which approximately 65 km along the beach

Extension: possible in Natal or Pipia

Price and conditions: on request