Brazil Insider

São Paulo

The São Paulo region is the commercial and industrial center of Brazil, home to many national and international companies. It is the largest economic zone in South America! Every day there are about 25 million people in the city, who are constantly in traffic jams. Various cultures are present throughout the city, as immigrants from around the world maintain their traditions, be it Europeans, Asians, Arabians, and many other ethnicities. Certainly, São Paulo does not normally attract tourists. And if you are tormented by the canyons of the road, you must discover the positive aspects of the city. Here you will find a wide range of leisure activities, excellent restaurants, attractive bars and entertainment for all tastes, which are a fairly international comparison. There are also well-kept parks, futuristic skyscrapers, noble and beautiful residential areas (Gardens, Morumbi or Marginal Pinheiro district) and shopping centers, which we can only dream of in Europe. (Iguatemi, Morumbi, Higienópolis or Eldorado.)

In the southern federal state, there are fantastic coastal areas, many small islands and hinterland, which is popular with connoisseurs – great potential for fantastic excursions!