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The city of Natal and its coastal regions are among the most attractive vacation destinations in northeastern Brazil. The imposing dunes around Natal are known well beyond national borders and are considered a spot of insiders in the surfer’s community. The popular seaside resort with its beautiful sandy beaches is attractive all year round.

Natal has about 1 Million inhabitants and therefore belongs to the small federal capitals of Brazil. The city lies at the eastern end of South America and is mainly known for its fantastic beaches and balanced climate. The temperature of the air and the water remains stable all the year, the rain is rare and only in hours from April to July.

The impressive sand dunes around Natal are particularly popular for surfing the sands. In fact, a unique experience! We slip on the dune on a board directly in a freshwater lagoon. A pleasure for everyone!

Also very popular are buggy rides along the beaches and adventurous hikes between the dunes. The long white beaches of Praia da Pipa, Praia do Moleque, Praia do Amor and Praia de Tibau do Sul are particularly beautiful.

The beach of Ponta Negra is the meeting point in Natal. During the day you can enjoy the beach, in the evening, the promenade of the beach invites you to stroll. The gentle sea breeze, the romantic sunset and excellent restaurants with fish, seafood specialties and international dishes make the heart beat faster. A lovely day ends with live music and a caipirinha or a cold beer in one of the cozy beach bars.

The classic city tour (about 4 hours)

We go along the beautiful single coastal road Via Costeira, the beaches of the city along the Reis Magos (Sages) fortress of 1598. After the visit, we make a stop at the typical Brazilian weekly market where the merchants advertise their products premises with vehemence. (Only on Monday!) Across the historic old town, we reach the center. We stop at the old prison, which has been transformed into a tourist center and now offers souvenirs for an hour and a half. We also visit a semi-precious stones factory and finally end our trip to Ponta Negra, the most famous and beautiful beach in the region.

Buggy Fun (Genipabu):

You will be picked up at the hotel by the buggy and continue along the Via Costeira to the Potengi River, which we will cross with a ferry. On the other side, it’s gone! – directly in a park of hiking dunes, where the white sand dunes reach up to 100 meters of height. You have the choice between softer and more exciting variants, but an extraordinary pleasure is guaranteed! (The buggies are driven in the dunes by professional drivers, do not worry!)

An hour later we enjoyed a magnificent panoramic view of the city. With an additional river crossing, you will head to a beach where you can go jet skiing (if you wish). After a break, we will walk along several beaches, but also a little inland, towards two freshwater lakes where you can swim.

Alternatively, you can jump off the chairlift directly into the water or slip on the dune in the water aboard. The tour ends at Muriú beach, where lunch is served and back at the hotel.

Beach and boat (south coast):

It passes by the road of the sun (Rota do Sol), where we look at a typical fruit market. We pass beautiful bays in North Pirangi, where is the largest cashew tree in the world. Then we take a boat trip to the natural pools, which are created at low tide and are especially beautiful for snorkeling. The boat continues parallel to the coast, and after our return lunch is served. Then along the beaches of South Pirangi, Buzios to Tabatinga, where we have a good chance to observe the dolphins.

Beach and leisure (Barra de Cunhaú):

A journey through the beautiful countryside to the idyllic village of Barra de Cunhaú, about 90 kilometers south of Natal. Known for its mangrove forests and less frequented beaches, it is a welcoming excursion destination.

A boat trip, where different species of mangroves and crabs are explained, also leads to a secluded beach with the possibility of swimming. After lunch in one of the typical beach restaurants, directly on the seaside.

Snorkel and Waterworld Tour (Maracajaú beach):

After about 75 minutes drive through the town and countryside, you arrive in Maracajaú, a small village where you can watch the fishermen catch the nets. The ferry will take you to the Parrachos de Maracajaú, a coral reef located seven kilometers off the coast. There we come to a raft with a bar, equipped with diving masks, snorkel and fins and dive into the fantastic world of colorful fish and corals.

In the afternoon you can enjoy swimming in Manoá, a water park with slides and all that is fun. Or just relax in the shade of the palm trees on the beach with a fresh coconut.

Spectacle and dinner every evening. (Casa de Show Zás Trás):

We enjoy a typical Brazilian barbecue with many juicy types of meat and delicious side dishes. In Zás Trás, a great show with regional and national dances awaits us: Brazilian history is presented in dance performances; including dances such as Frevo, Samba and Forró. An absolute highlight is the breathtaking Capoeira show. This unique blend of dance and martial arts began during the time of slavery and served Afro-Brazilians in self-defense, today Capoeira is a brilliant dance art that exists only in Brazil. In the small shop of the restaurant, there are souvenirs and crafts to buy.

Pipa Buggy Tour:

In the morning with the buggy along the south coast and unique beaches to Tibau do Sul, where we arrive by ferry. The gigantic lake of Guarairas extends. Again and again, we enjoy a fantastic view of the steep coast. We make a stop swimming in Praia do Madeiro, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There we can swim with a 95% probability with the dolphins.

After lunch, we will walk through the charming village of Pipa, visit the craft shops and we will fortify with a coffee. Then we go back to the hotel with a photo stop at the world’s largest cashew tree. (Arrival: late afternoon.)

The classic Pipa:

With the bus on the main road, 101 through typical northeast Brazilian villages, sugar cane, banana and coconut plantations, shrimp farms and ranches (farms) in Tibau do Sul, where the gigantic Lake Guarairas takes place. In Pipa, we take a walk in a protected tropical forest and can observe the turtles.

After relaxing on Praia do Madeiro beach, one of the most beautiful beaches of all time. There we can swim with domestic dolphins, which appear with a probability of 95%. After lunch in Tibau do Sul, a boat trip on Lake Guarairas is proposed. Return to the hotel in the early evening.

The nightlife of Pipa:

At 18:30 departure from the hotel, drive to Pipa (about 90 minutes). The little town has it in itself! The nightlife attracts tens of thousands of people to this charming village. Many pubs, outdoor restaurants, bars and well-maintained restaurants are available. The many small galleries, craft shops and stands also contribute to the ambiance of Pipa.

After the meal, you can walk and enjoy a cold beer or a colorful cocktail. Seeing and being seen is the motto. Time goes fast: after midnight, it’s a party! Then know the clubs of Pipa and be invited to a party in the open air until morning. Return to Natal, after arrangement with the guide.

Pipa landscape and nightlife: 2 days/1 night (overnight in Pipa)

In the morning, at eight o’clock, we leave for a trip to Pedra da Boca National Park (stone of the mouth). This small chain of mountains, surrounded by palm trees, plantations and farms, offers a dreamlike atmosphere. One feels transported into another world. For about an hour and a half, we pass through typical villages in northeastern Brazil, with plantations of sugar cane, bananas and coconut. On the way, we look at a manioc flour plant. At the Ticos farm, we take a short hike in the mountains and let the owner explain the vegetation. We see mango trees, waterfalls, trees growing in the rocks and a holy place in the middle of a mountain. The hike lasts about an hour and is not very exhausting.

From the interior, we head towards the coast at Tibau do Sul. Lunch is available around 15:00 and a small snack is available for the hungry. In the afternoon, arrive in Pipa, time to relax at the hotel pool or in the room. You can also explore the small town, which has many cafes and pubs, restaurants and bars as well as nice shops and stalls. Boredom never arrives at Pipa! In the evening, the outdoor party begins and is celebrated until the early morning.

The next day, we visit a protected Atlantic forest and can observe turtles. Then, relax on Praia do Madeiro beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With a 95 percent chance, domestic dolphins go home, so we can swim with them.

After lunch, we will cross the federal road towards Nisia Floresta. The pretty townhouses a baobab brought by slaves from Africa in the 19th century. Continue through the interior to Tabatinga. Our last stop is Pirangi. We see the largest cashew tree in the world. Return to the hotel in the early evening.

Cultural visit (João Pessoa):

We visit the capital of Paraíba, João Pessoa, 180 kilometers from Natal. Those interested in colonial-style buildings, culture and history will find their happiness. We do a city tour with a local tour guide and also show local beaches, which are definitely worth a visit. Lunch. Late afternoon return to Natal.

Village/Nature-Tour: 2 days/1 night: A two-day visit in the interior to a very special tank.

Departure at 08:00 in the morning through the hinterland, we spend many villages in Santa Cruz, where we visit a local market. Then we continue to Currais Novos to visit a mine. Afterward, guided tour to Acari. In this idyllic village near a reservoir, we visit the small museum, but very interesting, which takes a closer look at the way of life of the inhabitants of yesterday and today. Then, head to the single tank. The dam was blown from the rock. An indescribably beautiful and peaceful atmosphere surrounds us in this phenomenal landscape. As a crowning, you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset.

The Pousada, where we eat and stay, is run by a Frenchman who prepares his own kitchen. After lunch, we take a boat trip on the lake and have the opportunity to swim.

The next morning we make a small hike through the narrower environment of the reservoir, led by the wife of the owner of the Pousada. She knows the area very well and makes this visit an interesting experience. After lunch return to Natal.

Football Party:

Brazilian football is an experience in itself. In the early evening, we will be welcomed to support second-division America’s FC in the Machadão football stadium. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of Brazilian fans, arbitration abuses and Samba drums that encourage the team. Whoever wins, the victory is then celebrated on the beach of Ponta Negra!

Disco night:

Once a week, transfer to a club with seven dance floors. The evening has it all! On special occasions, we rent the premises and invite our Brazilian friends.

Dinner and dance show:

Discover a phenomenal music and dance show in Natal! In one of the best clubs in the city, Zás Trás, a unique show with Frevo, Samba, Forró and Capoeira.

Visit of the city: from 8:30 to 12:30 or from 13:30 to 17:30

During this half-day tour, we will show you the most important sites of this historic city. We visit the famous fortress Fortaleza dos Reis Magos, the fabulous beaches of the city, the Câmara Cascudo monument in front of the anthropological museum, the city center and the old prison where a market of arts and crafts is today.

Buggy and visit of the beach: 9:00 – 17:00

With the buggy of the hotel along the beaches of the city to the Potengi River, which we cross with a ferry. On the other side, we start with the park of the hiking dunes, between sand dunes up to 100 meters high. As your tour can be adventurous, you can decide for yourself, after about an hour we have a lot of fun and enjoy the panoramic view over Natal. With another crossing of the river, we arrive at a beach where you can do jet-ski.

After a break, we go to different beaches, we pass two lakes of fresh water, where we stop to bathe or surf with a board on the dune directly in the water. The tour ends at Muriú beach. Possibility of lunch in Genipabu with a magnificent view and return to the hotel.

Excursion to Praia da Pipa: from 8 am to 5 pm

Visit one of the most beautiful beach sections in northeast Brazil! The purpose of this full-day excursion is about 90 kilometers south of Natal. Through small villages in the interior, after planting sugar cane, banana and coconut, head towards Pipa. Here, clean sandy beaches, large sand dunes and cliffs, inhospitable rock and pure, clear water – a true tropical paradise! With a bit of luck, the dolphins on Ponta do Madeiro beach are at home and to swim and play commonly. We also take a stroll through a protected Atlantic forest, where we can observe many plants and animals, including turtles. We stroll through the charming village of Pipa, walk through small craft shops and fortify with a coffee.

Trip to Maracajaú: 08:00 – 7:00 (depending on the tide!)

The trip to Maracajaú takes about 75 minutes. In the small village, you can watch the fishermen catch the nets. We take the ferry to the Parrachos de Maracajaú, a coral reef seven kilometers from the coast. Then on a floating bar, we equip ourselves with snorkel, mask and fins and dive into the colorful world of the tropical sea.

In the afternoon you can swim in Manoá, a water park with slides and all that is fun. Alternatively: relax on the beach and enjoy a coconut under the palm trees!