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Recommended stay 3 days/2 nights

The world’s most spectacular waterfalls, a huge national park and the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world, are the pride of the 270,000 inhabitants of Foz do Lguaçu. The waterfalls in the south of the city (on the borders of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil) are a natural wonder. 275 small and large waterfalls make their way between the rocks and the rainforest and fall with an incredible force up to 82 meters deep. Often, rainbows form and water varies depending on the content of lime and minerals. The flora and fauna of the region are extremely varied.

Excursion to the cascades (Brazilian side) and bird park (about four hours)

During an interesting half-day excursion, we will visit the spectacular waterfalls on the Brazilian side. A wonder of nature that we can look at close range.

You have a fantastic view of the falls and the Argentine coastline. Then follow a one-kilometer path through the forest and maybe discover birds, butterflies and other small animals. Step by step you will see more and more of these huge waterfalls and end up a few meters from the masses of water that fall on a platform. An unforgettable natural spectacle!

Then take the elevator to the main road. You can enjoy a guided tour of a park of exotic birds, where colorful animals can move almost freely between tropical plants.

Macuco Safari

It is an adventurous way to discover the waterfalls and the national park. By jeep through the jungle and with the Zodiac outboard to the waterfalls. (about two hours, no meals)

Departure from the hotel via the Cataratas motorway (30 minutes from hotels in the city center, Hotel Cataratas 10 minutes) to the “Macuco Trail”. With the classics “Willy” -Jeeps we drive on a natural path through the forest. Stops to see the flora and fauna. Continue on foot, 600 meters through the forest to the waterfalls of Macuco, then to the banks of the river Iguaçu. Here, the most spectacular part of the tour begins: safely, Zodiac Boats (motorboats with outboard motors) with a capacity of 12-20 passengers, we go upstream in the middle of the Iguaçu Canyon, where we have stunning views near the waterfalls. Enjoy the waterfalls. When the water level of the river allows, we can approach the waterfalls, which will be an unforgettable experience.

Helicopter Tour (10 or 35 minutes)

Discover the waterfalls on a spectacular helicopter tour!

A regular helicopter flight over the “Cataratas” waterfall takes ten minutes. 35-minute flights can also be booked in advance. These include the triangle of three countries, the cities of Foz de Iguazu (Brazil), Puerto Iguazú (Argentina), and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay), as well as the Itaipu Dam (the largest in the world ).

Falls on the Argentine side

In comparison with the Brazilian side, one is even closer to the cascades. A train will take you to a platform from which you have a spectacular view of the largest waterfall, the so-called “Devil’s Throat”. On the bridge, you can discover the masses of water that fall from above. Then you go on the lower path where you can admire the game of nature from below.