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In Fortaleza, the most beautiful vacation photos become reality. Here you will find the sun, beach, palm trees and the best entertainment. The modern capital of the state of Ceará is the most popular holiday destination in the northeast of the country. Thanks to a tropical climate, you can swim all year round, and the good infrastructure with many hotels, bars and entertainment is the right thing for every taste.
The beautiful beaches such as Praia do Futuro are just outside the city. Many of them are surrounded by high sand dunes and lagoons. Some bays and long stretched beaches are little affected and are ideal for buggy rides, swimming, sailing, surfing or horseback riding.

Pirata Bar

The Pirata Discoteca is a world-renowned outdoor nightclub. For a memorable evening, a show group and, of course, hundreds of Brazilians and tourists. The New York Times voted the pirate evening as "the best editing in the world."

Pecém - exclusive

We offer you an exclusive stay in the Pousada Isca do Sol. It is managed by a Swiss and is only available for guests of the Pousada.

You will spend the morning at the beach or at the Pousada where you will find a swimming pool, showers, beach volleyball, water ball games and a fresco ball. Two lovely beach bars offer fresh drinks. At noon, the Pousada prepares delicious specialties of meat and fish on the grill.

After a nap in the afternoon, an adventurous buggy ride on the beach and on the big dunes - with a fantastic view of the lagoons and the hinterland.
Pecém is located 59 kilometers from Fortaleza, about 50 minutes by car.

Mountains, jungle and history

During this one-day excursion to the Ceará mountains, you will discover the last reserve of the Mata Atlântica (Atlantic rainforest) in Ceará.

We will pick you up at the hotel and drive to the village of Baturité (171 meters above sea level) to Guaramiranga, which is already 865 meters above sea level. Guaramiranga has a pleasant climate, almost Mediterranean, beautiful forests and a rich flora and fauna. A 45-minute eco-hike takes us through the rainforest to a waterfall. We see plantations of coffee and bananas as well as native wild plants.

Otherwise, there is a park with extreme sports facilities or a climb up to Ross.

Then we will have lunch in Guaramiranga in a hotel with a beautiful garden. In the afternoon we will go to Redenção. This village occupies an important place in the history of the country. Redenção was the first place in Brazil, which declared the slaves free. We visit a hundred-year-old sugarcane distillery, which still operates today with machines from the 1930s. There we see where the slaves were housed.

Then come back to Fortaleza.

Morro Branco - Praia das Fontes - Uruaú

At 87 kilometers from Fortaleza, Morro Branco offers a unique beach with colorful sandy cliffs and high dunes. Explore a natural labyrinth with twelve different natural sand colors!

On the way to Morro Branco we stop at a sugar factory and can watch the sugar production. At Branco, our buggy pilots will take us to the labyrinth. In 30 minutes walk we will see artists who produce bottles with colorful sand and enjoy the magnificent views of the rocks and the sea.

Now the adventure begins! With the buggy, we cross the sea, cross the dunes, pass the Praia das Fontes with its fresh water springs and the cave to Uruaú where we refresh ourselves in a fresh water lake. Then we go back to Morro Branco. After lunch, you can relax on the beach, visit the new craft shop, or even take a tour with a traditional jangada depending on your mood.

Return to the hotel in the afternoon.

Canoa Quebrada

A haven for hikers and hippies, Canoa Quebrada became famous in the 1970s and 1980s, attracting many tourists today. Admire the beautiful sandy beaches along the high reddish sand cliffs! If you wish, you can rent one of the local yachts ("Jangadas"). Explore this charming region with its many small coves and secluded beaches!