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Fernando de Noronha

A real paradise

Fernando de Noronha is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural reserves of Brazil. It is located 360 kilometers from the east coast of Brazil in the Atlantic and is a must for all divers and nature lovers. Dream berries with lush vegetation and beautiful beaches surround the largest of the 21 islands. You can more easily explore with a rented buggy (including the driver). Countless natural pools of water around the island offer ideal conditions for snorkeling.

The main island was used as a base during the Second World War by the Americans and was protected by the Brazilian government in 1988. Since then they have been called the “island of prohibitions”. In fact, the state takes regulations on the nature and welfare of animals very seriously. Aquatic turtles, fish, dolphins, birds and corals must be protected and preserved. Often due to this consideration for animals, entire sections of the beach are blocked. However, there are always plenty of opportunities to watch the dolphins (“Mirante dos Golfinhos”) or dive into the underwater world. The fantastic natural landscape, the beautiful white sandy beaches, the sparkling water and the many animals are a real experience.

Diving excursions, boat trips, fishing trips and expeditions with the latest equipment are offered. You can see shipwrecks, dolphins, barracudas, sharks and coral reefs with an enormous variety of tropical fish species.

A visit to the island is not really cheap and does not always have real value for your money. We recommend that you plan your trip on time!