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Chapada Diamantina

4 days/3 nights

Day 1: Individual arrival in Lençois. Excursion Serrano river, “salão de areia” and “Cachoeirinha”

Serrano river, “Salão de areia”, “Cachoeirinha”
This exciting trip back in half a day will be held in the afternoon for the hidden beauties around Lençóis. Lookout, waterfalls, natural pools and a colored sand cave. We walk on the diamond path of the Serrano River. Many natural pools invite you to swim and we enjoy the beautiful view of Lençóis.

On our way, we get to Salão de Areia, a sand-colored maze of caves. We continue to a natural pool that is called by locals Halley. After a bath and we continue to the highest stone to stone in the river bed. Then we go up to 100 meters to the Primavera waterfall for a refreshing massage bath. From here we come to a viewpoint where you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of Lençóis and around. After a short descent, we visit the waterfall Cachoerinha then back to Lençois.

Day 2 – “Poço do Diabo” (Devil’s shaft) Lapa Doce Cave, “Pratinha” (Silver Lake) “Pai Inácio”

By car, we arrive at Lençóis Mucugezinho River and 20 minutes of walking, we arrive at “Poco do Diabo”. Those who fancy a bit of adventure can be transported directly from the waterfall by sliding rope. Rappelling is also possible. Below, you can swim wonderfully in the Poço do Diabo. After a short climb, we continue and cross the Serra do Sincorá. Once on the other side of the mountains, the landscape changes dramatically. Here there is a lot of droughts and we see many cacti. The next stop is “Gruta da Lapa Doce”, a limestone cave with impressive limestone formations. (Stalactites and stalagmites). Then we cross the longest cave 850m and take a typical lunch of the region in which we taste the cactus (Palma) or green bananas with toppings (Godó of banana) and other specialties to try. After lunch, we continue by car near the “Gruta da Pratinha” that can possibly explore with a snorkel, fins, and waterproof flashlight. A crystalline lake leads deep into the mysterious cave. Outside you can swim with small fish or sunbathe. the Pratinha also offers the ability to zip and recall. Right next to the Gruta Azul, a lake deep cave 18m. After the pleasure of swimming we drive to Pai Inácio, a majestic towers mesa the plane at the top of the Chapada. After 20 minutes of ascent, we enjoy the beautiful view on the shelf and expect good weather the spectacular sunset. After the descent, we return to Lençóis.

Day 3 – Smokey waterfall and Valley Capão

One of the most popular excursions leads us to the second-highest waterfall in Brazil with 380m. By car, we first just Lençóis in the neighboring valley of Palmeiras and a long gravel road of 17 km in the Capão Valley. After an hour’s climb with stunning views over the valley, we are 300 meters on the plateau with its specific vegetation. At an easy pace, we still master 60 minutes until we can admire the waterfall from above. Here, the waterfalls into the depths. To see the waterfall, you must lay flat on a ledge just to vertigo. The “smoke waterfall” got its name because the water evaporates almost completely during freefall spray that looks like “Smokey” or smoke. a swimming break will be provided for the Riachinho waterfall where you can cool off in the natural swimming pool on the way back.

Day 4: Individual return to Salvador


Per person in USD in small groups
Pro Person in USD in Kleingruppe
Par personne en USD en petit groupe


Hotel Terra dos Diamantes ***

302       (private tour +USD 110 per person)

265       (private tour +USD 110 per person)

2.1.-16.3.21 / 15.6.- 6.8.21 / 14.- 31.12.2021

16.3. – 15.6.2021 / 16.8. – 14.12.2021

Pousada Vila Serrano ***(*)


352       (same price private tour, minimum 2 Pax)

328       (same price private tour, minimum 2 Pax)

10.1. – 1.3.2021 / 15.6. – 7.9.2021

1.3. – 15.6.2021 / 7.9. – 15.12.2021

Pousada Vila Serrano ***(*)


414       (same price private tour, minimum 2 Pax)

352       (same price private tour, minimum 2 Pax)

10.1. – 1.3.2021 / 15.6. – 7.9.2021

1.3. – 15.6.2021 / 7.9. – 15.12.2021

Hotel Canto das Aguas ****

362       (private tour +USD 110 per person)

347       (private tour +USD 110 per person)

2.1. – 21.1.2021 / 24.6. – 1.8.2021

21.1. – 24.6.2021 / 1.8. – 27.12.2021

Hotel classification: assessment of Brazil Insider. The official classification is generally higher. 
Price based on 2 persons: Another number of people, route guidance and residence time on request
Exceptions: separate prices for Christmas, New Year, Carnival, Easter and local holidays.
Departures: Daily

• Accommodation in a double room including breakfast and all taxes
• English speaking guide for all excursions (in small groups or private)
• All entrance fees
• All meals mentioned in the program
• All taxes and service charges

Not included:
Personal expenses such as drinks, etc.
• Gratuities (optional for guides, drivers, etc.)
• Travel insurance (eg, luggage, cancellation, return extra)
• Flights
• Transfer options:
   Flight by “Azul” (45 minutes) Price on request
   Regular (6 hours) local bus, about USD 25 per trip/person
   Private (5 hours) with a local driver, about USD 170 per trip/person
   Private (5 hours) with driver/guide bilingual approximately USD  260 per trip/person

To bring:

• T-shirts
• Bermuda
• Jeans
• Long-sleeved shirts (light fabric)
• Lightweight pullover
• Rain protection
• Sports socks

• Sneakers
• Light hiking or trekking shoes
• Beach sandals

Useful items:
• Sunglasses
• Binoculars
• Flashlight
• Military knife
• Headgear
• Sunscreen (at least factor 30, you are very close to the equator!)
• Photo and video camera
• Mosquito repellent
• Swimwear

Subject to price and program changes