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Exoticism and everyday life, thrilling cities and pure nature 26 days/25 nights


Passion is the right word for a trip to Brazil. Because you will always live the pure enthusiasm in this fascinating and gigantic country. The unique natural wonders and the open and realistic culture of Brazil have always conquered all the tourist centers. There is an extensive coastline, which offers large resorts with the best hotel infrastructure or small natural beaches with rural pousadas. And, of course, the greatest biological legacy of the earth, the mysterious Amazonia. A dream adventure for all travelers!

Day 1 – Flight to Rio de Janeiro

Rest of the day at leisure. (Shopping, Swimming pool, beach or just rest)

About Rio de Janeiro:
Rio is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is nestled between the mountains and the sea. Numerous bays, small islands, rocks and enchanting coastal sections characterize the landscape. The beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema are among the most beautiful urban beaches in the country and are world-famous. The city, which has about 6.5 million inhabitants (the “Cariocas”), also has many sights and local recreational destinations. The most famous is probably the Sugar Loaf 396 meters high (Pão de Açúcar) with views of Copacabana. The “mountain” Rio and its 710 meters high houses the Corcovado with the famous statue of Jesus (Cristo Redentor). In the run-up to the Olympic Games, Rio has collapsed in a number of ways and now presents itself to the visitor in a new light. It offers countless entertainment and cultural events such as concerts, theater and shows.

The Corcovado and the rainforest as well as the quarters of the artists of Santa Teresa

(8 hours including lunch)

Today we spend a varied and contrasting day in Rio de Janeiro. We visit the rainforest and one of the world’s most famous sights, the Corcovado, next to the lively Santa Teresa artists’ district.

We travel by train through the world’s largest urban rainforest, the Tijuca Forest. It is located in the heart of Rio and separates the south from the north. Already on the road, which takes about 25 minutes, we enjoy the fresh air and wonderful views. From the terminal station, escalators and/or elevators lead to the 38-meter-high Christ statue. On the platform is Rio at our feet. The panorama is unique! On the way back, we will cross Santa Teresa, a neighborhood of life-loving artists. Stop and visit the galleries and shops.

Individual Dinner

Full day at leisure: individual excursions, shopping or beach

Visit the city of Rio de Janeiro and Sugar Loaf (6 hours with lunch)

Take the bus to the old town. Rio was founded in 1565 and was the capital of Brazil for 197 years. In the center are still many traces of the past. A typical visit takes visitors to the arcades of Lapa (the ancient aqueduct Carioca) dating from 1723. Another point of interest is the imperial palace where the Declaration of Independence of Brazil was signed. A charming art exhibition in the adjacent museum.

Old Town of Rio

Lunch at the Confeitaria Colombo

This beautiful historic restaurant in the center of Rio has more than 100 years. In a fraction of a second, you escape the hectic bustle of the modern city and feel transported back in time.

Confeitaria Colombo

Sugar Loaf

Freshly reinforced and equipped, we continue towards the Sucre Bread world-famous in the district of Urca. On the Sugar Loaf, there is a cable car divided into two sectors: The first turn goes to the hill of Urca, 220 meters above sea level. After a first glance and a short walk, you take the second train to the top, 396 meters above sea level. From there you have an unforgettable and spectacular view of the city.

Sugar Loaf Cable Car


Rio at night with dinner at Churrascaria Palace and Rio Scenarium
Fantastic dinner in one of the best grill restaurants in Rio, where you can enjoy about twenty varieties of meat, thanks to which Brazil is famous. Vegetarians and fish lovers are welcome: they can choose from a variety of meatless dishes such as salads, cold plates, fish and seafood.

Whether meat, fish, or vegetarian: a wonderful dinner awaits you!

Then we head towards the Rio Scenarium, a music hall frequented by local people. The Rio Scenarium is a three-story building in the Lapa district, close to the city center. In the past, antiques were sold in this building, and even today, the antique furniture is in good taste. It is here that the inhabitants (Cariocas) are animated because the landscape offers varied live music with well-known and less established talents. On each floor, another group plays, lower, stronger. And later in the evening, more and more visitors emerge. On stage, professionals and beginners dance wildly together and have fun all royally. It’s pure Brazilian joie de vivre!

Full day at leisure: individual excursions, shopping or beach

Transfer to the airport of Rio de Janeiro. Flight to Foz do Iguaçu.

About Foz do Iguaçu:

The world’s most spectacular waterfalls, a huge national park and the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world, are the pride of the 270,000 inhabitants of Foz do Lguaçu. The waterfalls in the south of the city (at the frontiers of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil) are a natural wonder. 275 small and large waterfalls make their way between the rocks and the rainforest and fall with an incredible force up to 82 meters deep. Often, rainbows form and water varies depending on the content of lime and minerals. The flora and fauna of the region are extremely varied.

Hotel Belmond The Cataratas (5 stars)

Hotel Belmond Das Cataratas

Room type: Deluxe
Very beautiful five-star colonial-style Belmond chain hotel. The hotel is located in the immediate vicinity of the imposing waterfalls. For discerning guests who appreciate the romantic atmosphere of a colonial-style hotel.

The Brazilian side of the waterfalls, bird park, Macuco boat trip (8 hours including lunch)

You can observe this unique nature game at a short distance. There are 275 small and large waterfalls, most of which form a common front at high tide.

Iguaҫu’s world-renowned waterfalls

You will, first of all, enjoy the magnificent view of the waterfalls and the Argentine side. Then a one-kilometer path leads you through the forest where you will see more and more majestic waterfalls and possibly also birds, butterflies and other small animals. At the end of the itinerary, you reach a platform just a few meters from the fall of the water masses – a game of unforgettable nature! Then take the elevator to the main road.

Lunch at the restaurant Porto Canoas

Birds Park

Near the Iguaçu National Park is a bird park. You can enjoy a guided tour through the enclosure, where colorful exotic species can move almost freely between tropical plants.

Helicopter flight (10 or 35 min.)

The regular helicopter flight over the waterfalls takes 10 minutes. 35-minute flights can also be arranged in advance. The flights pass over the falls, the triangle of three countries on the cities of Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil), Puerto Iguazú (Argentina) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay), and on the Itaipu Dam (the largest in the world).

Macuco Safari

It is an adventurous way to discover the waterfalls and the national park. By jeep through the jungle and with the Zodiac outboard to the waterfalls. Departure from the hotel on the road Cataratas (hotels of the city center 30 minutes, hotel das Cataratas 10 minutes) to the “Macuco Trail”. With the classics “Willy” -Jeeps we go on a natural path through the forest. Stops to see the flora and fauna. After the jeep visit we continue on foot, 600 meters through the forest to the “Macuco Falls”, then on the banks of the river Iguaçu. Here, the most spectacular part of the tour begins: safely, Zodiac boats (motorboats with outboard engines) with a capacity of 12 to 20 passengers, we go below the waterfalls upstream to Iguaçu Canyon, where we admire the breathtaking view of the Iguaçu Falls. When the water level of the river allows, we can approach the waterfalls, which will be an unforgettable experience. Then return to the jeeps and buses.


Cataratas Falls, Argentinean side (6 hours, lunch included)

Compared to Brazil, we are even closer to the cascades. A train will take you to a platform from which you have a spectacular view of the largest waterfall, the “Devil’s Throat”. On the upper path, you can discover the masses of water that fall from above. Then you go to the lower path, where you can admire the show from below.

In the morning: transfer to the airport of Foz do Iguaçu. Flight to Manaus. Transfer to the hotel. Afternoon: optional program, individually or accompanied by the guide.

Boutique Hotel Vila Amazônia (4 stars)


About the Amazon

The Brazilian part of the Amazon Basin is the largest freshwater and oxygen reservoir on the planet, whose tropical forest has inspired the imagination of many adventurers. More than half of all known forms of life thrive in the Amazon rainforest.

About Manaus

Manaus, the state capital of Amazonas (Brazil’s largest state), is the starting point for many exciting tours and tours in the seemingly endless Amazon. In Manaus, you can not miss a visit to Teatro Amazonas. Various materials from all over the world were shipped to Manaus for the construction and interior of this magnificent opera. The world-famous building was completed in 1896 and represents the region’s splendor as the longest-standing rubber supplier in the world.

In the morning: opera and city tour

During this half-day visit, you can admire the famous Adolpho Lisboa Market, built in 1883 with materials from Europe, the former government building known today as Rio Negro Palace and the famous opera of Manaus, Teatro Amazonas.

Visiting this imposing building is an unforgettable experience.

Afternoon: Embarkation on the pier of the hotel Tropical

Start your Amazon cruise with Amazon’s traditional Amazon Clipper Premium (4 days/3 nights, Wednesday to Saturday)

Amazon Clipper Premium

Day 11 – Wednesday

Pick up at 2 pm in the lobby of the Tropical Hotel. Embarkation and departure upstream on the Rio Negro. While enjoying fresh juice, you will get all the information you need for your stay. After a snack, we meet in the reading room for an introduction to the ecology of the Amazon. After dinner, we explore the small streams, listen to the nocturnal animals in the jungle and try to discover the alligators. Birds, frogs and snakes can be observed with luck.

Day 12 – Thursday

Early in the morning, we explore the surroundings of our canoes, while we see colorful birds such as parrots and toucans. After breakfast, we go for a walk in the jungle and let us surprise you with the variety of shapes, colors and perfumes. Towards noon we return and swim in the river. In the afternoon, we will sail in the Anavilhanas National Park, the largest freshwater archipelago in the world. At the end of the afternoon, we climb the canoes and slip silently into this fascinating labyrinth of streams.

Day 13 – Friday

In the early morning, we spend little time fishing piranhas and other fish. After breakfast, we visit a local village where we find many local fruits like Cupuaçu and Tapereba and palm trees like Açaï, Tucumã and Pupunha. We learn the preparation of cassava flour and the health and educational situation of children. After lunch, we land on one of the white sand beaches like snow, swimming in the dark waters of the Rio Negro and watch the pink dolphins. In the late afternoon, we explore the area by canoe and observe the wildlife. Then, on the way to the Amazon, dinner is served.

Day 14 – Saturday

In the early morning, we explore the Janauari ecological park. This is usually a very good place to observe wild animals, and you have a good chance of seeing giant water lilies. Although we have breakfast, the boat takes us to meet the two largest rivers in the world, the Rio Negro with the Amazon (which is here called Solimões). Once you have experienced the legendary “Water Encounter”, it is time to return to the dock of the Hotel Tropical, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the waterfront of Manaus. Arrival at 11:30.

In the afternoon transfer to the airport. Flights Manaus – Salvador. Overnight

About “Amazon Clipper Premium”:

Their traditional construction is reminiscent of the legendary colonial era – and you still find aboard the superior clipper Clipper Amazon Premium of the 21st century. Thanks to its flat design, the ship can be used on all the Amazonian rivers and has its own canoes which allow exploring even more difficult areas of access.
Ideal for guests who want to experience the jungle up close and do not want to do it without comfort.

Facilities: Friendly lounge and restaurant with air conditioning; two observation and sun decks with hammocks; two hot tubs and a modern, generously equipped kitchen. Very good food and a great selection of drinks. Onboard, you can enjoy the full board, only beverages must be paid (in cash).

Cabins: The Amazon Clipper Premium has 16 very comfortable suites with air conditioning, double or single beds, bath/shower and toilet.

Hobbies: Videos and books are available for free time between trips. You can fish, relax on the terrace and swim in the river.

Excursions: canoe trips, jungle excursions, alligator-spotting, visit of the Caboclos, inhabitants of the region. They are accompanied on a trip by an anglophone scientific guide.

Included: overnight stays with full board, transfers, booked tours as described, English-speaking travel guides

From 11:00 am: panoramic tour, historical center (Pelourinho) and Mercado Modelo (8 hours with lunch)

You walk from the hotel on foot through the old streets built in the famous colonial style. Visit of the Cathedral, the Church of St. Francis (Golden Church) and of course the famous Pelourinho, which UNESCO recognized as an important colonial complex of the 17th and 18th centuries and World Heritage Site. We also show you the panorama of Salvador: From the upper part of the city, you have a magnificent view of the lower parts of the city and the sea. With elevator (Elevador Lacerda) you see the suburb and Mercado Modelo. This market is definitely worth seeing. Here, there is nothing that is not salable and one can be harassed by traders. From the market, we go to the lighthouse of Barra, where you take a walk around the lighthouse. On the way, you will see the famous “2 de Julho” street, the Campo Grande square and the Castro Alves theater.

Colonial Salvador


Salvador da Bahia, once the capital of Brazil and the center of slavery, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting cities in Brazil. The city is full of life and remains the cultural center of the country. In the lower part of the port is the famous Mercado Modelo, a market with a wide variety of crafts and souvenirs. The elevator “Elevador Lacerda” as well as the innumerable churches (there are 323!) Decorate the urban landscape. The Pelourinho is the upper town was created in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries and was declared World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1985. The old town is characterized by its renaissance and baroque buildings. Hundreds of colorful houses have been faithfully restored in recent years. Pelourinho is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful baroque districts in the world and is one of the most popular nightlife areas in the city center. But Salvador would not be Salvador without his music! The dance is in the blood of the inhabitants and the carnival of Salvador is considered one of the best in Brazil.

Lacerda Elevator

Optional: Moqueca Cooking Classes:

Discover what’s inside a moqueca, the traditional fish dish and the national dish of Brazil. You go to the market with the stove to buy the ingredients that you then prepare in his private kitchen. Communicate with your hands and feet (the cook only speaks Portuguese …), you will get to know the Bahian cuisine. After doing your work, enjoy lunch with your family. (Duration: 5-6 hours)
Alternative: Full day at leisure: excursions, beach, or just the Pelourinho and enjoy the ambiance.

In the morning transfer from Salvador to Lençois.

Hotel Canto das Άguas (4 stars)

Free time until departure. Transfer to airport or hotel in Salvador.

Arrival in Recife and transfer to the Pousada in Olinda.

Pousada do Amparo (4 stars)

Room Type: Deluxe

About Recife

The region of Recife was established in 1537 by the Portuguese. But between 1630 and 1654 it was the main base and the commercial center of the Netherlands which dominated Brazil and disputed with the Portuguese. They set up their colony in the northeast. Thanks to the visionary governor-general Moritz von Nassau, the city experienced urban development. Moritz was considered the true founder of the city. He named the town of Mauritsstad (Moritzstadt, Portuguese: Maurícia) and tried to develop the new colony economically and culturally. The numerous marshes and islands were rendered habitable by the creation of canals. Many buildings were also preserved from this period.


About Olinda

The historic town of Olinda is located just north of Recife and can be reached in about 15 minutes. This old town has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is home to many cultural and artistic objects of the Baroque period. If you are interested in culture, this is the right place. There is impressive majestic architecture with many churches and ancient homes. But also for the bathing and diving holidays, the area is a dream. Splendid sandy beaches with deep blue waters, many small villages with breathtaking beaches, small reefs, and palm trees characterize this magical holiday destination.

City tour of Recife and Olinda (4 hours without lunch)

Optional morning or afternoon

The half-day tour begins with the trip along the famous Boa Viagem beach and other coastal sections. In the old town of Recife, you will see historic buildings and monuments next to the old harbor. Then you will visit the famous town of Olinda, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a unique baroque charm, including the famous monastery of São Bento.

Transfer to Recife airport in the morning. Flight to Fernando de Noronha. (Flight time 1 hour). Check-out: 11h02
Arrival: 1 pm (time difference of 1 hour)

Transfer to Pousada Teju Açu (4,5 stars )

Category: Superior Bungalow

Pousada Teju Açu


Surrounded by typical vegetation, the “Mata Atlântica”, this bold architectural project was built on piles to keep the soil as natural as possible. The wood comes from reforestation areas. The choice of water and energy supply and the drainage system is ecologically exemplary. Teju-Açu is the ideal place for travelers who appreciate peace and relaxation in contact with nature as well as exceptional service.


12 exclusive rooms, all with Broadband TV (32 “), king-size bed, air conditioning, terrace with hammock, telephone, Wi-Fi, minibar, box.

About Fernando de Noronha

Visiting this group of islands 360 km from the Brazilian coast is a must for all divers and nature lovers. The Atlantic archipelago is of volcanic origin and forms the tip of a chain of submarine mountains whose base is 4000 m deep. Discovered in 1503 by Amerigo Vespucci, the islands were then conquered by the French and the Dutch and finally recovered by the Portuguese. Charles Darwin visited the island, a state prison was set up there, and during the Second World War, she served in the United States as a naval base. Today, Fernando de Noronha has about 3,000 inhabitants, most of them in the village: Vila dos Remédios. The landmark of the island is the 300 meter high Morro do Pico.

Dream berries with lush vegetation and beautiful beaches surround the main island. You can explore the best by renting a buggy with a driver. White sandy beaches and crystal clear water with rich flora and fauna make the stay in this natural park an unforgettable experience.

Our advice:

Diving and snorkeling! Visitors can enjoy an unparalleled natural spectacle in and underwater. The water is about 28 degrees warm and limpid – a dream! The average visibility is 30 meters. Of the 18 species of corals found in Brazil, 15 are from Fernando de Noronha. Between them, crustaceans live and a variety of fish that is unique in Brazil. During a dive, you will often encounter sharks, tuna, barracudas, turtles, rays and dolphins. Of course, shipwrecks also await exploration. Let yourself be enchanted by the unforgettable underwater world of Fernando de Noronha’s! The diving school “Atlantis Divers” accompanies you with a professional service on your dives. The base has two catamarans and a cabin boat, the dive instructors speak German, English, French and Spanish.

Sea excursions and fishing trips are also available on site. In the IBAMA, the official nature conservation organization in Brazil, you have the opportunity to discover the turtle projects of the island.

Boat trip (3 hours without lunch)

The boat trip begins in the bay of Santo Antônio. You will visit several beaches at the “Ponta da Sapata”. Different stops for swimming and diving. Visit the bay of dolphins. Return to port.

Free time until departure. Enjoy this dream island!

In the afternoon: transfer to the airport. Flight to Recife. (Flight time 1 hour)
Arrival: 16h10 (time difference of 1 hour) Transfer to Hotel in Olinda.

In Recife / Olinda: Overnight at Pousada do Amparo (4 stars *)
Room Type: Deluxe

Transfer to the airport and departure flight

Prices and conditions: on request

Departure: every day
Individual adjustments to the trip are always possible! (e.g. shorter stay, different route choice, different hotels or room categories). Everything can be individually adapted and combined with other destinations. As a planning aid, you will find a huge selection of different options under Travel Modules