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North-East Sun and Fun

North-East Sun and Fun
Jericoacoara Tour

5 days / 4 nights

Unique adventure trip in the Jericoacoara holiday paradise. In an off-road 4x4 vehicle and accompanied by a tour guide, you drive 300 km along the beaches and through the hinterland in secluded, asphalt-free beach villages in the middle of the nature reserve. This tour is perfect for those who like to travel uncomplicated with little comfort, looking for an unforgettable experience away from the major tourist centers.

Day 1: Fortaleza - Pecém - Icaraí

On the beaches of Taiba and Paracuru. Via Paraipaba, we go to Lagoinha, a popular beach. We continue on picturesque and secluded beaches to Mundaú where we cross the river. Finally, we reach Icaraí, a small fishing village of dream on a beautiful bay. Itinerary: 135 km, of which approximately 90 km along the beach.

Day 2: Icaraí to Jericoacoara

The second day we go to Moitas, where we cross the dunes towards the Aracatiara river and cross it with the ferry. Then, via Almofala, Itarema to Acarau. After a lunch break we continue to Gijoca and Preá. On the beach we reach Jericoacoàra. Road: 140 km, of which about 30 km along the beach.

3rd day: Jericoacoara - walk on the beach

Relaxing hike to the famous Pedra Furada beach (stone pierced) that resembles a sleeping crocodile to which the village gave the Indian name. We have enough time to bathe and dream and finally enjoy a fantastic sunset on the big dune. Try the walk in the sand dunes! Various beach restaurants.

Day 4: Trip to Tatajuba

Very nice beachbuggy ride via Tatajuba to Lagoa Grande, a beautiful lagoon for swimming and relaxing. There are fresh fish and shrimp or crayfish on the beach. Overnight in Jericoacoara.

Day 5: Jericoacoara - Pecém - Fortaleza

In the afternoon, drive back via Gijoca, Acarau, Sao Gonçalo do Amarante. Arrival in Pecém or Fortaleza in late afternoon / early evening. Road: 270 km, of which approx. 15km along the beach

Price per person in USD Validity
884.00 until 31.12.2020


Extension: In Jericoacoara or Delta Parnaiba, Paulinho Neves, Lençois Maranhenses in São Luis


- T-Shirts
- Bermuda
- Jeans
- long shirts (light fabric)
- Lightweight sweater
- Rain protection
- Sports socks

- Sneakers
- Light hiking or trekking shoes
- Beach sandals

Useful articles of use:
- Sunglasses
- Binoculars
- Flash light
- Military knives
- Cover of the head
- solar protection (at least a factor of 30, you are very close to the equator!)
- Photo and video camera
- Mosquito repellent
- Swimwear