Brazil Insider

Recife and Porto de Galinhas

With a population of 2 million, Recife is the fourth largest city in Brazil. The coast here in the northeast is lined with coral reefs. The waves break on the side facing away from the reefs – this creates large, shallow sea pools on the land side, which are ideal for swimming.

The area around Recife was once a large swamp area. In 1537 the Portuguese settled the region. A century later, the invasion of the Dutch under Prince Moritz von Nassau gave the city an era of rich art, culture and bold urban planning. Prince Moritz had the area reclaimed by building canals. Recife became known as the “Venice of Brazil”. Numerous bridges, canals, forts, public buildings and government palaces still bear witness to this time.

Porto de Galinhas is 62 km south of Recife. This lively place is very popular with divers, surfers, beach fans and night owls. Endlessly long sandy beaches and pleasantly warm water await you here. The coral reefs extend parallel to the coast and form natural swimming pools with crystal clear water.