Brazil Insider

Porto Seguro – Araial d’Ajuda – Trancoso

City tour / visits:

A visit to the historic part of Porto Seguro with a breathtaking view of the great beaches and the lower part of the city. You will see the first prison, the first town hall and the first church built in Brazil and the impression of the bustle of the harbor and the fish market at the mouth of the Buranhem River between wild mangroves and Rua Pitangueira. Then we will pass the beaches of the village of Coroa Vermelha, where visitors will learn all about the discovery of Brazil in 1500.

Indian Reserve Jaqueira:

A visit to the reserve of Jaqueira of the Pataxó Indios in the middle of the jungle. The Indians report their history, their habits (for example, hunting); Flora (medicinal plants) and fauna. Ritual dances are performed and a typical Indian dish (fish in the leaf of Patioba) is served.

Jungle Tour:

Learn all about the interesting animal and plant world of Mata Atlântica, the coastal jungle of southern Bahia, with the world’s richest species reserve. If you like trekking, you can walk in the jungle under the guidance of professionals on the hiking trails and admire many rare trees.

Favela / national tour:

We visit Baianão, the result of an occupation of the land, which developed into a regular city in a short time. After an epidemic, all the cocoa factories in the area were destroyed and the workers had to leave the plantations and settled in favelas, huts and typical houses. At the Institute of Agriculture, we inform about the production of rubber. Then we will head to a typical Brazilian village-like Pindorama or Veracruz, where we will have an impression of the daily life of the farmers.
The tour ends with a visit to a eucalyptus plantation.

South: Arraial d’Ajuda / Taipei Tortoise Project / Trancoso:

After a visit to the cheerful hippie colony of Arraial d’Ajuda, we head towards the tortoise project on the beautiful coast of Taipei. An old unpaved road takes us to Trancoso. The city was founded by the Jesuits in 1563 to protect the Indians against the Portuguese colonialists. We also visit the church, built with whale bones and whale oil. Finally, we enjoy the view over the picturesque beaches of the area.

North Tower: Coroa Vermelha / Santa Cruz Cabrália / Santo Antônio / Belmonte

A charming tour along the “discovery coast” of Coroa Vermelha, Mutari and Santa Cruz Cabrália. On the river to the small villages of Saint-André, Saint-Antônio and Guaiú. The road ends in the old town of Belmonte, the former center of the cocoa industry.

Rio Buranhem:

One of the most beautiful river tours in the region! We take a small boat (up to 8 people) upstream through the mangroves and rainforest, visit the fishermen and their families on their small farms on the river, and the guide explains the flora and fauna. It is a comfortable trip to relax. Lunch: picnic, non-alcoholic drinks included.

Bandeirantes / Guaratinga:

This beautiful inland trip leads through the valleys and mountains with a fantastic panorama. We walk in the footsteps of the ancient Bandeirantes, the colonists and the cowboys who conquered the land of Brazil and Bahia.
In this magnificent desert, we experience the Pouso Alegre waterfall near the source of the Rio Buranhem. You can swim beautifully and at the same time get a natural massage of this super clear water. Lunch: picnic, non-alcoholic drinks included.

Jeep Tour / Praia do Espelho

One of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, far from civilization, with a super sandy beach and all the variations of blue tones in the sea and in the sky.

Scuba Diving / Snorkeling:

Due to its numerous coral reefs, relatively warm water, and incredible variety of species, the open coast is popular for diving and fishing.
Diving for beginners and advanced with complete equipment under the guidance of an experienced Dive Master. Professional courses for the PADI or CMAS license are also offered. Sandwich and drinks included.

Whale watching: (July to November)

The Portuguese sailors were right, as often: open their eyes, open their eyes! (“Apra os olhos, apra os olhos”): Abrolhos is one of the most beautiful places in the world. According to scientific research, the number of whales arriving on this coast for mating, childbirth and breastfeeding has greatly increased. The Abrolhos Marine Park offers a unique meeting in the humpback whale nursery of Jubarte.

Terravista Golf Club:

Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful golf courses in South America, designed by architect Dan Blankenship, for a whopping $ 4 million. The 18-hole course follows the design trend of the most modern golf courses in the world, such as California or the Algarve, with which it shares not only climatic and geographic conditions but also the location near the sea.