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Located 320 km from Fortaleza, this is Jericoacoàra. The village at the most beautiful end of the world is already legendary and offers an incredibly impressive scenario. There are 20 kilometers of beaches and impressive dunes awaiting you. The small town has been protected by nature since 1984 and has largely retained its original charm. Good restaurants and small bars make forget the hustle and bustle of big cities and invite you to relax. The famous beach buggies are an adventurous pleasure to climb on the sand dunes and wide sandy beaches – an absolute must in “Jeri”!

Excursions from Jericoacoara

Lagoa do Paraíso

Jericoacoàra’s trip to the “Paradise Lagoon” is one of the most beautiful in the whole region. The ride in the Land Rover is very fun, the lake charms with its crystal clear water and there is also good creative food.


The tour starts from Jericoacoara first to Guriu, where we cross a small river by car on a raft. Then, the journey continues towards Tatajuba, with a short stop in the “old” Tatajuba, which was dumped long ago by the sand dunes. One of the nicest places in the northeast, surrounded by grandiose dunes, palm trees and mangroves (Manguesais). We continue towards a lake, where we bathe and taste the local specialties proposed for lunch.

Excursion “Barra dos Remedios”

The trip begins at 6:00 am and starts from Jericoacoàra, passes by Guriu, Tatajuba, the beach of Imburas to Camocim. We will have a delicious breakfast in a hotel near the sea, then continue our adventure: passing by the beaches of Caraúba, Maceió, Barrinhas, Xaviers until one of the most beautiful coastal cities: Barra dos Remedios. It is a true paradise, characterized by magnificent nature, unique with the mouth of the river Remedios in the sea. The river bears that name (flow of medicines) because medicines were transported here. In the late afternoon, return to Jericoacoàra.

Delta do Parnaíba

We depart early in the morning at 6:00 from Jericoacoàra towards Delta do Parnaíba. The Parnaíba River, which flows in the plain of “Mangabeiras” and receives water from the Maranhão as well as from the state of Piauí, delights in its natural beauty. The river is 1485 kilometers long. It crosses a region rich in rivers and wetlands. Arriving in the delta, we take a boat trip and make a three-hour tour of the magnificent Delta Parnaíba, which is 2700 km2 the third-largest in the world. (Lunch on the ecologically protected island “Canárias”.) The Delta forms more than 80 islands in this area and is home to countless plants and animals. The vegetation gently flows from the mangrove to the rainforest. Return to Jericoacoàra.

3 day excursion “Lençóis Maranhenses”

On the first day, our adventure takes us from Jericoacoàra to Caburé, a small town between the Atlantic Ocean and the Preguiça River, where we stay in a Pousada (category: standard).

On the second day, we go up the Preguiça River to Barreirinhas, with access to the great Lencóis Maranhenses, an impressive national ecological park. With an open-air vehicle (“Jardineira”), we continue on the dunes towards the Lagoa Bonita and Lagoa Azul lakes, two paradisiacal places that we could not imagine even more beautiful in the dream. Night in a pousada (Category: Standard) in Barreirinhas.

On the third day, we return either to Jericoacoàra, São Luis or to Fortaleza

All excursions are done in 4×4 (eg Land Rover)