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Brazil Insider offers you:

• Incentives

• Pemium-travel: yachts, mansions, limousines, luxury-hotels, helicopters, private jets

• Events

• Group travel

• Special trips

• Famtours

• Idividual travel

• Congresses

• Cruises handling

• Product management, concept and production of brochures and websites

• Creative insider programs, high professional knowledge and strong expertise in Brazil

• Reliable handling

• Direct communication with the specialists, fastest response times without detours

• Cost and time savings through direct purchase

• High level of service

• Nationwide network of selected top guides

• Detailed offers, product descriptions and travel programs



Media Production:

For your production of TV shows, movies and photo shoots, Brazil Insider provides:

• Production assistance and management

• Location scouting

• Logistics and accommodation

• Organization of filming permits, contacts with authorities, mediation

• Casting and booking of actors and models

• Rental of equipment

We are always present in Brazil, we maintain a large network (in Europe and the USA), we have a country-specific background in Brazil and we work with many media producers (documentary/TV, press, photo production/coverage) .

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