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About Brazil Insider


We have been working in Brazil as travel specialists for decades. We are specialized in groups, incentive tours and individual tours, conference organization, event management, and premium business.


Brazil Insider is under Swiss management. We are known for Trust & Excellent References

(check: www.brazil-insider.com/referencias.asp?l=2 )


Our offer / Your advantages :

- Creative insider offers, high expertise and strong Brazil know-how.

- Reliable "handling".

- Direct communication with Swiss specialists in German, French and English

- Fastest response time.

- Cost and time savings through direct purchase.

- Countrywide standardized top level service.

- Nationwide network of carefully selected, exceptional travel managers and other partners.

- Complete and detailed quotes, product descriptions and travel programs in your preferred language. 


We offer outstanding quality. We provide first class service at a very attratice price level. It's worth to cooperate with

Brazil Insider



Michael Bonin, founder and CEO
From Zurich, Switzerland, in Brazil since 1995, dual Swiss and Brazilian citizen












My Job: Organizing, mediating, coordinating. Sounds trivial, but here in Brazil, this means putting out fires all the time. It requires vigor and perseverance, but I love it! I`m a hands-on guy, flexible and highly experienced in intercultural contexts. I`ve been working in tourism since 1986. My former work experience: travel agent, air ticket broker, tour operator, airline executive, Incoming/DMC specialist, hotel co-owner. For more than 25 years now, I`ve been working as a managing director. I`m excited to make seemingly impossible things possible, for instance: guaranteeing Swiss quality standards even here in Brazil – not like a bulldozer, but rather using the famous Latino charm and joie de vivre!

Olivier Fontaine, deputy CEO, manager for French- and English-speaking clients

From Geneva, Switzerland, and Besançon, France, in Brazil since 2004











My Job:  I`ve been working in tourism for more than twenty years; I used to work for a travel agency, a tourist operator, an Imcoming/DMC specialist as well as an airline. Nowadays, I`m a tour guide for eco-tourism trips, and I`m in charge of the “Golden Route” from Paraty to the former gold-mining town of Ouro Preto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition, I was licensed as a diving instructor in 1997.



Camilla Bonin, specialist for marketing and events

Born in Zurich, raised in Rio de Janeiro, dual Swiss and Brazilian citizen













My Job: I am in charge of sales and operations of the company. Promoting Brazil and its Mega Events makes me very excited!



Georg Zankl,  Manager Sales and Operations for english, spanish and german speaking clients

Austrian, from Innsbruck, since 1993 in Brazil, austrian-brazilian citizenship

My Job: Sales to the english, spanish and german speaking world showing the best of Brazil from an insider point of view is the challenge that keeps me going. Having lived also in Japan and South Africa and travelled in many other parts of the world, I learned to judge what most pleases my guests. And the intercultural flexibility achieved through this vast experience gives me the knowledge and expertise to find the perfect way to fulfill my clients dreams, no matter what country they come from.



Alain Tanner, VIP customer liaison

From Schaffhausen in Switzerland, lived in Brazil from 2001 to 2009, working in Brazil temporarily for VIP clients and events

My Job: The bigger the event, the more I gain momentum. I work as a tour guide for groups taking part in major events, for instance assisting the Swiss TV team at the Confederation Cup 2013 in Fortaleza. I even helped out as a production assistant! I enjoy it very much if I can support Swiss TV or radio journalists with their cultural productions or music events in Brazil. During the Soccer World Championship 2014, I was leader for our “frontline” activities taking care of our tour groups. Besides that, I am responsible for customer relations and VIP liaison – in twenty years of service as a Swissair first class galley steward and purser, I had plenty of opportunity to learn that. As a trained national tour guide of Brazil, I`ve conducted various cultural and private tours for VIP clients in the whole country.



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